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Yea! "GW Botique"

February 1st, 2008 at 01:11 pm

I heard on TV that Goodwill is having a 50 per cent off sale tomorrow, but it is across town, and I had to go that direction today, so I stopped in to see what was available. I have been keeping the thermostat down, so would like to have a few more sweaters. Well, all white tagged items were 50 per cent off today, and I found three great sweaters with white tags. They ended up costing $2.50 each! All are expensive brands, Liz, Rico hand-knit, and Bushwacker.
I also found a pretty vase for a dollar, and bought it for a gift. My big "splurge" was $8.50, and I am thrilled with what I bought.
I love spending $2.50 on something that someone else probably spent $75.00 on!

In keeping with the frugal mode, I am making a double batch of homemade spaghetti sauce, and will freeze a quart of it for another day.

Life is good!

4 Responses to “Yea! "GW Botique"”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    I need to go jeans shopping at the GW boutique! Love it!

  2. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Oh I remember the first time seeing a "Sale" at the thrift store!!! HA! What is that term where words are used together but already have the same meaning?

    I was already the bonafide thrift store queen.

  3. HelpMeFriend Says:

    I found a rolling bookbag for school last week. I spent two bucks on it. I saw one exactly like it the next day. She spent 30. I didn't tell her how much I spent. The Salvation Army by my house has those 50% off sales on certian tag colors too. When I asked for the number so I could call on Mondays to find out the color, they said that they don't know the number, just come up here every Monday. That won't work for my saving money plan. If I went there every Monday, my house would be so full of junk, we wouldn't be able to move.
    Gotta love the thrift stores!

  4. nance Says:

    I found five or six short sleeve shirts that I love, but didn't buy. I am struggling to have a no-spend day today, so I won't go back to GW today. However, they would be only $1.50 each, so it is not easy! I just tell myself that it is a want, not a need! And, they were Eddie Bauer, LL Bean, and other great brands, and like new.
    This no-spend stuff is painful!!!

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