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Saving at Albertsons

June 25th, 2008 at 02:44 pm

Albertson's has some great loss leaders this week!
They have numerous products that cost 50 cents if you purchase ten from that group.
I purchased 20 items from the group, so the total was only $10.00, and the items were staples (like Kraft bar-b-q sauce, French's spicy mustard, etc.) I saved $35.63, and I didn't use any coupons. Gotta love savings like that. I didn't think you could find anything to purchase, in the food category, for 50 cents any more.

Life has been crazy this last week! My mom was hospitalized, in critical condition, for five days, my husband had eye surgery, and life in general has been stressful. I was running to the hospital three times a day, or spending up to ten hours there, so I got take out, and pizza, that I normally wouldn't have spent money on. I think (knock on wood!) that things are back to normal, and normal is good!