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Calling all creative people

November 20th, 2008 at 09:36 am

Do you have any creative ideas for making nice, but economical gift baskets?
Any themes?
Any recipes for gifts in a jar?
Any unique packaging ideas?

I have been collecting great, inexpensive baskets from Goodwill, and have make gift baskets for several years, but am running out of ideas.
I have used "Family fun night" themes, using a board game, mugs, hot chocolate mix, and snacks.
I have done basket with bath themes.
I have done "movie night theme" using a gift card for a movie rental, or enclosing a family type DVD, hot chocolate, theater size boxes of candy, etc.
I have used gardening themes.

I need new ideas!

7 Responses to “Calling all creative people”

  1. thriftorama Says:

    I'm giving my friends gift baskets this year. They are getting homemade blueberry jam and apple butter, a loaf or two or wheat bread I am baking, and a hand puppet and a hat I am making for each of their babies, then something small and personal for each adult in the couple. And a small potted spider plant clipped from one of mine.

  2. Michelle Says:

    I got a gift basket once that had tea, cocoa and scone mix in it - that was really appreciated. Also, people are really into those dipping oils right now - you could do a basket with some good homemade bread and dipping sauces for bread.

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    Not super craftsy, but I live with someone who is...

    1. Ice cream sundae package. Could include a scoop, some pretty (but cheap) dishes, and a couple of sauces and toppings. Tag to say "Just add ice cream!"

    2. Fridge magnets. Got any foreign coins lying around? Glue magnets on the back of them.

    3. If you're really craftsy, there are all sorts of quirky gifts you can make. I was looking for how to make a bowl out of an LP (which you can then paint or leave as is), but I saw some other tutorials on this site as well:

    4. Spice collections? If you know someone who'd like to try a new kind of cuisine, you could make taco and fajita seasoning mixes, or just give them the cumin, coriander, chili powder etc. with some recipes; or five-spice, cornstarch etc. with chinese recipes; or rice vinegar, seaweed, wasabi powder and sushi-rolling mats with instructions for sushi...

  4. gamecock43 Says:

    'new baby' baskets? 'getting married' baskets? 'anniversary basket' (with lingerie in it)

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    If there are kids in the family...an art theme. Crayons, paper, glue sissors, art museum passes, stamps, stickers, paints.

    Paper products for the practical...toilet paper, note paper, paper towels, festive paper plates, napkins, plastic bags, sandwich bags. I guess this one isn't 'green' and enviromentally friendly.

    Green renewal products: reusuable shopping bags, energy saver light bulbs, tree seedling, soaps that are good for environment. Method and Seventh Generation products.

    New Years kits...hats, blow horns, champagne, cheese and crackers, confetti, countdown timer.

  6. mbkonef Says:

    I gave out gifts jars (mason jars) of layered ingredients for making homemade brownies. I added some decorative ribbon and a tag that read "Chocolate Emergency Kit. Open and bake in case of emergency." I gave the directions to bake the brownies and also a list of the ingredients if you wanted to duplicate it later. I used a recipe from Hersheys Cocoa powder for Hershey's best brownies. They are chocolatey, fudgy and RICH! It was a big hit.

  7. nance Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for the great ideas. I really appreciate your sharing and will definitely put these ideas to work!

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