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cheap and easy meal

February 28th, 2010 at 03:51 pm

I have had a headache all day, and didn't feel like making dinner, but decided that making quiche was not too difficult. I browned some frozen hash browns, in a little olive oil, fried the four (thick sliced) pieces of bacon that I found in the fridge, grated some cheddar cheese, and added six eggs. The hash browns, pressed into a pie plate, lightly sprayed with Pam, form the crust. Then, you put about a cup of grated cheese on top of the potatoes. You sprinkle any kind of cooked meat on top of the cheese, and top it all off with the lightly beaten eggs. Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. I have used sausage, diced ham, or
crumbled bacon for the meat in the quiche.
I made a loaf of banana bread yesterday, and we will have that with the quiche. A vegetable can be a side dish to balance the meal.
Albertson's has eggs for a dollar a dozen this week, and we buy our cheese, in bulk, at Sam's, so the meal is very inexpensive.
I found the recipe in an Amish cookbook, and it has been a "keeper".

6 Responses to “cheap and easy meal”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    nice! i make a sweet potato quiche that's pretty yum too. they're so easy to make!

  2. pjmama Says:

    So uh, whitestripe, can I get the recipe for that sweet potato quiche? Smile Both of these sound great!

  3. janH Says:

    Hope your headache goes away soon. Those drive me nuts. Yummy dinner!

  4. nance Says:

    Thanks jan. The headache finally did go away last night.

  5. Jerry Says:

    Yum. My wife just made banana bread the other night with chocolate chips in it, and I was transported back to my childhood. What a treat! That, plus a glass of milk, is one of those foods for me that offers some insurance of feeling five years old again. Plus, it leads to not wasting brown bananas, which is cool. =)

  6. autobiographical Says:

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