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School shopping at Goodwill

August 18th, 2007 at 10:03 am

Goodwill is having a 50% off sale, and a 99 cent sale on all kids clothing and all jeans today.
I had purchased two like-new dust ruffles, made by "Country Curtains" there, two weeks ago, at a sale, but didn't get the matching curtains. I looked up the dust ruffles on line, and they were $129.00 each! I paid $2.00 each.
So, I decided that if the curtains were still there I would get them. They were. I did!

I looked around in the store for about an hour, and also found four great Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie shirts for DH and four pair of jeans for myself.

What impressed me most, in the store, was a young mom, with three children between the ages of about seven and eleven. She was such a great mom, her children were all so well behaved, and were helpful to each other, while looking for school clothes.
The older girl couldn't find anything that fit, at first, and her mom said, in a very sweet way, "Don't you worry, now, we'll find something for you".
Well, they checked out just before I did, and had piles of cute clothing, a new pair of leather shoes for the little boy, and some jeans for the mom, too. They ended up with many large bags of clothing, and she paid cash for it. The grand total, including tax, was $49.00, and she had outfitted her kids for school. I was very impressed with how the 11 year old would show an article of clothing to her mother and mom would say, "No, that is not appropriate", or "Yes, that is really cute". No whining, no begging, no tantrums, just great kids, and a great mom, who obviously knows the value of a dollar!
It made my day.