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Frugal shopping

October 26th, 2008 at 03:42 pm

Yesterday, I went to Walgreen's and got the two items that are free after rebate. I used a $5.00 off $20.00 purchase coupon, and will get 10 per cent more for getting a Walgreen's gift card. Profit(not including tax) is $7.68.
Then I went to Goodwill's 50 per cent off sale, and got some great items for my Christmas gift baskets. I also get the baskets there. I got a large glass dome for a cake plate. I had purchased a beautiful cake plate there earlier. Total cost for both pieces-three dollars. I also found a beautiful Depression Glass, etched serving bowl, for $2.50 and a 1940's era pressed glass basket. Next, I found a new gift box of beautiful Christmas cards with an $11.99 price tag on the box. It was $1.50, and will go in a gift basket with the four new-looking Oneida Christmas luncheon/dessert plates. They were fifty cents each.
You can create wonderful gift baskets shopping this way, and spend very little.
The cake plate/cover will have a large red bow tied around the handle and I will place a pretty bundt cake inside for one gift.
You can come up with a theme, or just make it eclectic. The gift baskets are very well received, and enjoyed.
I purchase rolls of cellophane wrap to put around the gift baskets, and tie a pretty bow at the top.
You don't have to spend a lot on a great gift if you get creative.
Does anyone else have ideas for gift baskets?

Weighing frugal methods

October 13th, 2008 at 09:26 am

Yesterday, I looked at the ad from
Rite Aid and got excited about all of the "free after rebate" items. I was all set to drive across town to purchase many of the items, until I gave some serious thought to whether we really needed those items. All are products that are for colds, flu, sort throats, etc. Yes, I would probably get the money back in the form of a rebate, but right now, I don' have a lot of extra money and it would mean a substantial outlay of money. I don't know that we would use the products this year, and don't really know if they do much good. When I have a cold coming on, I take some vitamin C and hope for the best.
I think I would probably be better off this month, purchasing loss leaders to stock my pantry. Still, all of those "free after rebate" offers are tempting.

I do get a few of Walgreen's "free" items, but only things we actually use on a regular basis. I request the gift cards, because they give you 10 per cent more. Then, I try to stay withing that month's gift card amount, so I'm not spending any more cash.

Do you find these offers consistently worth your time and effort?